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Day 52



Wow long time no update, huh?

I've been staying away from acne.org because I found myself spending too much time reading about other people's regimens and warnings and so on and so forth. Decided to just put my trust in what I'm doing and stop worrying so much about my face (I still worry, just not as much as when I started this regimen).


Day 52: Results?

So yeah, results. I'm actually seeing them. Right now I only have two pimples that have been taking their time to clear out, but besides those two I've been relatively clear (still red marks though) this past week. My main issue is dryness, my skin is sooo flakey, and because of this dryness I've been having a hard time not touching my face.

The past few weeks I've tried a few things to deal with the super convenient flakes. I first tried switching my moisturizer to Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for Normal Skin even though I've used it before and didn't like it. Well, turns out it did help with the dryness, but it also caused my skin to become incredibly itchy. It was so itchy I couldn't sleep at night. I kept using it for several days hoping the itchiness would pass but it never did. I had to stop because I couldn't afford to keep scratching my face. So, it was back to Dan's moisturizer for me!

Then I tried doing the whole jojoba oil massage thing. I did it every other day, and though it helped with the flakes, it also caused me to break out in places I don't normally break out in. Maybe those pimples were just beneath the surface and would have popped up anyway, but I've decided not to use that method anymore just in case. I can't trust my hands, I'm sure I just use too much pressure trying to get those pesky flakes to leave.

Last week I increased the amount of Dan's moisturizer to 6 pumps (plus jojoba oil) because I remembered seeing a video where he said that should take care of the dryness. Well, maybe it helped a little but my face is still extremely dry.

So, blah blah blah flakes suck here's what I'm trying now.

Still using the 6 pumps of moisturizer and jojoba oil at night. Starting (as of this morning) to use Lac-hydrin five moisturizer in the morning and will also be using the olay moisturizer with spf 15 anytime I'm out in the sun.

As for the other things I'm doing to fight my acne, here's a list! I love lists!

  • Started running and working out again. Only run a mile every other day because I don't need to lose any weight
  • Drink only water and eat tons of fruit and get the adequate amount of vegetables every day
  • No dairy. Some experimenting with my diet and dairy have lead me to believe it contributes to my acne. I've been dairy free for three weeks. Will test my skins reaction to dairy again once I'm completely clear and flake free.
  • My sleep schedule is now pretty consistent and I'm getting at least 8 hours every night
  • Stress is relatively low because it's summer break! Helllllll yeah!

People say all the time that diet doesn't affect acne. Whether it does or not has no impact on me. If it's keeping pimples away, awesome! If it's not, awesome! I've been eating healthier this month and I feel wonderful. The no dairy rule has kept me away from pastries and other desserts that I don't need and I've found that I can easily do without them. The only beverage I drink now is water and occasionally hot tea (Geek Alert: I've become a fan of loose leaf tea and would love to chat with anyone who is also a tea fan :wall: ) Oh, but I do have almond milk with my cereal, and I've come to really like it.

So to sum it up, my face is looking better and I'm happier... much, much happier than I was 7 weeks ago. Hopefully this regimen will get me completely clear and hopefully the lactic acid in my new moisturizer will take care of my dry skin. To my flakes I say: Flake Off!

Until next time,


(p.s. here's an entry I mean to finish a few weeks ago. Oops :think:)

Day 35

Hello sweet summer! Finally done with exams and ready for a little relaxation. Of course, acne never takes a day off does it?

So all in all my face is doing alright. I had a pretty bad breakout a few days ago but I wasn't surprised or disappointed. These past two weeks I've been averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night, eating only when I remembered (quite unhealthily at that), and was pretty much the epitome of a stress monkey (like a grease monkey, but with more stress). Still, I've kept up with my regimen, and what a barrel of fun it's been.

At the moment, I only have four pimples. It's kind of funny (but really not): there's one between my eyebrows, one on my right cheek, another directly across from it on my left check, and the final one on my chin. Overall, these pimples have assumed somewhat of a cross formation on my face. I keep wondering if God is trying to tell me something. Or maybe it's just a lowercase "t". T for terrible skin

I have seborrhoeic dermatitis too, did I mention that? Mostly on the back of my neck. It's fun.

Still... 4 pimples is better than what I had going on a few weeks ago.

Red marks aren't as bad. Many have faded quickly due to my refusal to pop pimples and I guess the regimen.

Dryness is the same as it was last week. I don't think it'll ever go away. Whatever. If this will clear up my acne then I'll take a little dryness, for the time being, at least.

Neck itchiness/burning has come back. Not sure what the hell is up with that, I know I'm not getting BP or cleanser on it. Probably Dan's mustard moisturizer.


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