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Damn Max Clarity



I called on April 25 to order a new batch of Max Clarity. Nearly TWO weeks later it still isn't here. So yesterday I called to ask when my order was coming through, and I was told that due to high demand all orders weren't being shipped for two weeks! My products have apparently been sitting in a warehouse somewhere, not being shipped to me, because of high demand. INFURIATING. I have little tiny pimples and my boyfriend keeps telling me I should get Proactiv. Luckily the vaseline is doing its job and the red marks are going down, but I still have a small zit above my eyebrow and another over my lip and on my chip. They're REALLY tiny, no where near as big as the ones I used to get while I was using Dan's regimen.

The MC customer service lady said I'll probably get it in like a week, and it's too late to order better shipping. It better come soon, I don't know how long my skin can take it!


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