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Day 20 - Two Packs DONE



I'm sitting here with a mirror in hand, trying to figure out what to report.

Biggest issues with my skin at the moment:

The zit under my chin (I think it formed last week?) is a scab that keeps opening up when it gets wet. Accutane definitely makes my skin heal differently. Maybe slower? I put neosporin on this spot every night.

I have a large scab near my left eye/hairline.

The cracks of my nostrils get ultra dry.

I have very tiny clusters of zits all over my cheeks. They are flesh toned, it could be worse I suppose.

Overall, has there been an improvement sense I started?

I will give a definite yes. It's hard to compare, because my skin is so different in texture... before I was drying the CRAP out of it with 10% benzoyl peroxide. Now my skin is shiny from lotion, and dry in only certain patches. But overall, the color has smoothed out-- which makes it look better in general. I have more -tiny- zits, however. But I haven't had many new large ones (when I was getting three large ones every day, previously.)

One thing I DON'T miss? F-ing benzoyl peroxide. It was such a chore. I had to be so self aware when I put it on. It had to be the VERY last thing I did at night-- I always made sure I slept with my face on something white (I bleached out my friend's mother's bed and breakfast sheets a few months ago because I forgot to notice that the pillowcase was a color!!) I ruined SO many shirts by accidentally touching it with my fingers after applying it on my skin. Ick.

So, in conclusion-- these twenty days have definitely provided a CHANGE in my skin tone. It's not the same at all. Is it better? Sure. Is it -good- skin? Not yet! But I can definitely see improvement is on its way.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. I hope my dry scalp isn't as bad as I think it is... I don't want to disgust the hair dresser!

Side Effects:

-Dry ears, nostrils

-Chapped lips

-Dry scalp

-Dry eyes (I've lost two contacts so far in this process...)


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