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Day Two.



Hi all,

I am new to acne.org and new to the regimen. I'm so excited to find a site that offers solutions for acne and also support for acne sufferers.

I have struggled with acne for about eight years. My acne is painful, inflamed pimples on my chin. I think I have had a total of three pimples anywhere else on my face in my life. So I have practically zero acne anywhere else (albeit blackheads on my nose, which don't bother my) and moderate acne on my chin, which has resulted in lots of hyper-pigmentation and lots of embarrassment.

I have gotten so fed up lately. It seems like I have been following all of the "rules" about acne for a decade - washing my face twice a day, I never go to bed with makeup on, not touching my face, not picking pimples, etc. And still I suffer.

Some days I don't want to go to work because I'm so frustrated. Now, I am going to be in an important wedding in seven weeks, and I am actively worrying about what kind of explosion I'll have on my chin then.

In February, I got a facial, and the esthetician made me some recommendations. She recommended I add in a toner and start using SkinCeuticals products. I bought the SkinCeuticals clarifying cleanser, along with the blemish control gel. I also began exfoliating about once a week.

At first I saw a little improvement, but nothing lasting. I never felt like things were under control. I've been researching acne like crazy lately, and when I found acne.org's regimen, it just made sense to me. Why would I scrub and rub my already aggravated and inflamed skin? I just had this urge that I needed to give my skin a break.

So, I started Dan's regimen yesterday. I am using drugstore products - Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Neutrogena On the Spot, and Cetaphil lotion. I've also started taking 50 mg of Zinc with dinner and two fish oil pills with breakfast.

I'm also making efforts to make my diet a lot healthier - more fruits and veggies!

On Monday, I counted ten zits on my chin, now, on Thursday, I have one that I'll call "active." All the other are on to healing.

I am hopeful, but trying not to obsess, about my skin. I'm trying not to stare at it in the mirror and trying to remember I'm still me, and people can see that, even with acne. But I'm really hopeful, and I really want this to work. I am being diligent and following the steps to a T.

I plan to update this blog at least weekly with my progress.

Here's hoping, and cheers to clear skin!


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