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I am in so much pain!!



So it's been a few days now on the alternating 40/80 mg per day. And wow, I'm feeling it (at least I think I am). It's like I'm having the IB I never had in the first place. A HUGE pimple came up yesterday, and today it came to a head. As far as side effects go, my body hurts all over, especially my feet (I walk all day at work). I'm getting near-constant headaches, and I'm also experiencing some major dizziness. ***However***, I'm pretty sure that I'm hypoglycemic and I would be getting dizzy whether I was on 'tane or not. The dizziness is most likely more related to my eating habits. I need to return to eating eggs/protein for breakfast instead of sugary cereals. My bad. I have a doctor's appointment in July so I'll bring it up with my GP then.

Anyway, I think that's all I have to say for now. I need to go drink some water and then lay down because of this massive headache. Thanks, Accutane. :think:

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Just so you know it will get better! My side effects have really diminished and I;m on 80mg a day. HANG IN THERE~ :-

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