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Weird that this works...



Okay so you know when you're just going about your day and suddenly you feel a tender spot start on your face? It's like an ache or a tingling/itching sensation and you just know it's going to be a GIANT pimple. I get them on my chin and above my eyebrows...

Anyway, I love Chicken Poop Lip Junk as a chapstick and one day out of desperation I read the ingredients: avacado oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, Vitamin E.

I've done a TON of research on natural acne treatments since my face is very sensitive, dry, and acne-prone...not a good combination. All of the ingredients in Chicken Poop Lip Junk are used/recommended for acne so I thought why not try it? Usually when I get those huge pimples they start as a huge sore red lump that could take two weeks to form a head, which is when I can't stand the pain anymore, pop it, and deal with the scab because at least it doesn't hurt.

So I felt one of those pimples coming on and looked in the mirror...sure enough, huge red lump right in the center of my chin. So I slathered Chicken Poop Lip Junk on it to try to calm it and keep it from hurting so much. Miracle upon miracle, I kid you not, it formed a head THAT SAME DAY. I popped it that night, put some more Chicken Poop on it and the scab fell off in days. It wasn't even a week before that monster was totally gone except for a red mark that healed probably within another week or so.

This has been consistant results for me through probably 10 or 15 monster pimples. I wondered why it worked and based on what I read about how each ingredient works on the skin I think it's mainly because avocado oil apparently gets very deep into the skin and pulls stuff out while helping your skin heal itself at it's deeper layers...then the essential oils are known to kill bacteria and fight inflammation which helps kill the pain and also keep the spot clean after I pop it...thus preventing it from just scabbing over and growing bacteria and puss all over again.

It feels kind of gross, I guess...it's oily and thick, but if it's only on that spot it's not too bad and for me it's totally worth it since it cuts down the life of those monsters from the normal life cycle of maybe 2 months to totally heal down to about 3 weeks.

In fact, I had one this morning that I slathered in Chicken Poop Lip Junk the second I felt that deep ache...usually I wait until it's obviously a pimple...this time I didn't and now just 7 or 8 hours later the spot is practically gone...my body just reabsorbed it, I don't even think it's going to get a head, it's just going away.

Just for full disclosure's sake...it is shiny, makeup will come off if you had makeup on the spot, but give it about an hour to absorb, gently pat off the excess Lip Junk...don't rub, try to leave a decent amount on there...and then pat some cover up over it and it seems to stay just fine after that. It's also great for scabs. It softens them and makes them fall off sooner. It's also good for pimples that you want to bring to a head...be warned though, sometimes when I apply it to a pimple that's been forming for a few days it hurts a lot when the Lip Junk is applied and starts pulling that stuff up to the surface of your skin. Probably for about an hour or so it's like you someone is actually pulling that whole glob of puss to the surface, which is actually what it's doing, but it definitely feels like it too.

I've also tried this overnight on my whole face one night because I was at a friend's and didn't have any moisturizer and my face is horribly dry and tight if I don't moisturize. Anyway, I only tried it for one night so I'm not really sure if it helped anything...but I didn't break out from doing that either.

I can't guarentee that this will work for anyone else...I've never actually heard of anyone else trying it, but I'd love to hear from anyone that tries this!


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