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Day 119 -Accutane



have I said lately that my face looks awesome?? :D

I look in the mirror and I am like "WOW" This is really happening I am completly clear! It amazes me how wonderful the feeling is....I have alwayd had some kind of pimple or cyst or something and now it's all gone.... ;)

I have my derm app tomorrow and I can't wait for her to see my face and to hear her say how great it looks....well I guess I'm being optimistic... :wall:

I want to stay on the extra 2 months just to make sure the treatment takes completly and I don't have to take accutane again...I don't even remember how it feels to not have the side effects. You just learn you live with them....

My nose bleeds suck but it's so worth it....And for me my body has really adjusted to the meds. Even after I had so many issues, they all seemed to dissolve....It's great!

For those who are thinking of taking accutane I fully RECOMMEND IT! It's a serious drug but I can only say good things about it!


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Your giving endorsements left and right. LOL 1st that glowing endorsement for Vaseline! now Accutane,its good that it works because it really does help people skin that have acne and has had it for years..And those Nose Bleeds Can get Bad and they do suck but look at it this way.. :- Now You feel the same side effect, that people on crack and people on that Butta are having :(:doubt: that was all i have for today cya..

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