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May 4



Good morning to me!! Well last night I washed my face, dried it with tissue paper and also let it air dry. I didn't apply the Cerave lotion. After 30 minutes I applied the Atralin gel....that's it. I usually put Cerave before the atralin. I wanted to see how my skin reacted. I woke up and my face was fine. I took a shower this morning. Everytime I take a shower, my skin produces more oil. Although I put the tret. gel last night, I also put it on this morning. This time I did use the Cerave lotion before the gel. Of course I will try to avoid the sun. I slowly going to try using the Cerave lotion w/ sunblock. I used it one this weekend, but my face looks so oily....but a least I didn't break out.

Anyways, right now my face looks actually really good. I have no active pimples. I seems my red spots under my jawline are fading. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, since it might just be be imagininng things. How know, tomorrow I'll look in the mirror and my skin texture will look different.

Ok so yesterday I used two pads. Today, I still had my period. I've noticed that it is has a much thinner consistency, not so think. It is still light comparted to my "normal" period. During the 2nd/3rd day, my period was heavy, I could feel it come down everytime I stood up.

Note: yesterday I felt two pimples coming out, but miracuosly, they seem to dying out this morning.

Overall, I think my skin looks really great right now. I hope this continues.


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