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Day 18 - Here comes the hard stuff.



Soooooo yeah.

My face is broken OUT.

Things to note:

-I have lip flakes. What the hell is that, you wonder? On the edge of my lip, my skin has decided to flake only half way off so it remains on my face. Twice today, someone said "you have a flake on your lip." So, yeah, THAT'S happening. I also saw a flake hanging out on my face while I looked at myself in the reflection of my metro car window.

-My skin is just... awful. I guess I've had worse days in general, but I have little ones EVERYWHERE. My chest... awful. I had to wear a decretive scarf today to cover up my chest... and it was 80 degrees today.

-My nose is separating from my face. You know, that spot behind your nostril? It decided to get extra dry and crack. So, that's been a blast. Fact: Make up cannot cover a skin separation.

Besides feeling like a dry circus freak, my spirits are ok. I still feel like I'm on my "journey" to better skin.


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