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Month 5 - the last month!



Hello everyone,

I went to the derm today for blood work review, check-up and final Rx.

Blood work - What in the world??? Total cholesterol - 170. Triglycerides - 161. These are the Lowest numbers in years. April was my birthday month and I definitely was not as careful with my diet. However confused I am, I am still delighted! :lol:

For those of you having problems with cholesterol, here is what I am taking:

3600 mgs. Of fish oil daily

375 mgs. Slo-niacin daily

2 Red Yeast Rice tablets

My dermatologist said my skin looks fantastic and that this will be my last month on Accutane! :wall:;)

Side effects report - Gross, chapped, peely lips. Dry eyes. Fragile skin. Some joint pain. No depression or anxiety. Just wanting this to be over.

My husband has very chapped lips too. Sadly, we don't kiss much any more! :think: We plan to take a long vacation when this is over...so we will just have to make up for lost time!

His other side-effects are some joint and back pain. He did have a lone pimple on his cheek last week, but it is gone.

For those of you just starting, hang in there. It is so worth it! For those of you nearing the end of your treatment, keep up the good fight! :D


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