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Rough Start



Unfortunately it has been a bumpy road since I posted my first entry into the forums in March :think:

That day when I went to the doctor for my initial start of my prescription, apparently he "registered me wrong" in the system and it never went through... to me having a month to make sure it went through should have been enough time to fix it, especially with me emailing him to ask questions about the side-effects and such.

I just had my second try at getting it put through to the pharmacy this past Friday... That was a NIGHTMARE. I sat there for almost two hours waiting to be seen for my 4:30 appointment. Then when I finally got through with it all I thought I was home free, got my paper for the pharmacy and everything. I went home and answered the comprehension questions on iPledge and was waiting for Monday to roll around so I could go fill it. Little did I know that somehow, after I've been with this doctor my entire life, he put my birthday wrong in the system and I can't get it filled until he calls the pharmacy to correct it. :wall:

I don't know, maybe it is just my bad luck but this is really bumming me out and making me very nervous. I know it is just my doctor being an idiot but I can't shake it. I am trying to keep my head high though, I have a a few people that are by my side and I know that the outcome of this whole process is going to be worth the few bumps on the road there.


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