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Day 117 - new Pics/Scars are very noticable...



My face continues to stay clear (except for one little pimple that HURTS like hell above my lip)....

My side effects are under control....

I will be posting pictures today since I'm at the end of my 4th month. When I look at my pictures I do see tons of improvements, but the scars are very visable at this time. I can not hide them with make up at all....I defently will need some kind of lazer treatment after I'm done with my accutane treatment. The scars are just to noticeable for me to feel comfortable....When is it going to be good enough???? :think:


i Just looked at your pics your skin is so much better then it was 4 months ago.. if you feel uncomfortable about your skin the way it is now then people can tell if your feel uncomfortable..ya your scars maybe noticeable too you..but when i was looking at them i did not see massvie scars it's just small ones,you cant have everything you want with your skin all at once.. would you want the scars or that Old Cystic acne back? it takes a long time for acne scars too even go away smooth skin takes time too happen if you had bad acne..the laser treatment may help a lot and remember everything happens in steps..

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I know....And thanks! I do feel it has gotten a lot better but I wish I could see total smoothness...LOL...That's me being a perfectionist I guess... :-

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