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Accutane + Bactrim Week 3



I forgot to do this last week and then just decided to skip a post. I have now been on 10 mg of accutane everyday for two weeks and on Bactrim. last week I had a little bit of a breakout but nothing unmanageable, and it's already mostly gone. Some blackheads have returned but no where near as severe as before with the 20 mg a day. My skin is still better then it was before starting accutane. My regimen is the same as whenever I last stated it.

A few days ago I went from taking the Bactrim twice a day to once a day. I think it was starting to really upset my stomach, I already feel better from just taking it once a day. I go back to the dermatologist Friday and will probably stop taking the Bactrim all together once I'm done with this round. The only side effect from the accutane I have had is dry lips.


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