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What's ur A.T?



hello penpals, I am nervous coz of my first blog but i wanna keep in touch with you to interchange all experience about acne. :angel:

This simple word with 4 letters which is such an ass pain for much of us, but the first question is WHAT'S YOUR A.T? perhaps you're asking yourself: " hey, wtf is A.T?" yeah, I could have asked like this if i wouldnt invented this word haha. :dance:

A.T (Acne Type), yeahh when you meet new people on internet, usually you say " als, please?" right?, yeah; perhpas when you are talking about music or likes and dislikes, you say: " wl & wdl?" yeah now the question is " AT? ". :wall:

dicovering your AT is such a hard process well, go to the doctor? yeah it's the best way to dicovery your At but the doctor sometimes just tell: " let's see, hmm your acne is number 3, 2 or 4 or 5" ( she told number 5 for my acne) ", but it's just a medical obersation, most time dicovery your AT is a personal work, if you know your AT perfectily you could know: exactily what time the acne could burst and how it could sane quicker, what climate made your acne worse, what food made you feel better, what candy is the aprropiate for you... yup much things more :D

My AT : after 15 minutes in then sun, for sure one black dot fill up pus is apperiang. :lol:

chocolate before go to sleep i am sure next day morning aorund 3 or 5 in my face :D

touching one side of my face just 6 seconds, then 1 big with blood and infection :lol:

using normal soap in my face, my face becamoe red all the day

eatting big amount of fish know for sure then one narrow next to my eyes ;) ....

yup, i am sure you got it now tell your AT? :think:


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