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May 2



Okay I got a whitehead on my neck this weekend which is now healing. Also another small whitehead on right jawline, also healing. I've noticed that my zits are healing a lot faster. I took a break from the Atralin gel for 1 day. My skin today is reall really good. Just a mini whitehead on the right jawline...no big deal. So today my skin is excellent in my opinion....just have to wait for my redmarks and scars to heal. I'm taking fish oil and a multivitamin every week day. I leave my supplements at work...tha'ts the only way I can remember to take them LOL. So on weekends I take a break from my regimen.

On April 23rd my breast were really tender, it lasted all week. On Satruday, April 30th I got my period. Very very light though, breasts still tender. I was also intimiate with my husband. I'm not using BC so I'm always worried about getting pregnant. But anyways, Sunday it was rather light as well. Today, OMG it think my period is getting back to how I knew it to be. There water in the toilet was actually light red. So I'm not just spotting, it's actually a period. Oddly, my breasts are still tender today. I'll see how the day goes. According to my calendar, I noticed extremely light period on april 3 and had it until approx. apri 17.--only used a pantiliner on those days. So I'm still not on a regular cycle because I got it again on April 30. So I'm gonna keep track of it each day.

I've been reading up on Zinc, L-Ly, and Cod liver fish oil. I'm not sure if I should take them or not. Maybe I'll hold off until I research them a little more.


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