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Day 32 :0



Ran out if pills Friday :/ My appointment is on Friday to get more :/ I hope I dont breakout :/ Lab tomorrow? Maybe? They were sapposed to mail a card to my house but hasn't so I don't think I can get my lab tomorrow to test to see if I can take Accutane still... not that the test would accurate because i havn't been on accutane since Friday!


Skin: on the scale of 1-10 level 5 dry

Acne: 1 active pimlpe on chin which is almost gone and a small pimple was on my cheek but flattened yippee~!

Side effect: I was laing on the grass for awhile (15+) min and m arms started to itch. A LOT I looked at my arms and broke out in hives a little. I didn't itch and they went away. I climbed a tree today and I have many scratches on my calf now :think:

Randomness..... :Today was a AWESOME day besides the dredded acne world! Here in Washington it was around 60 degrees which is warm here. Nice sunny day not a cloud in sight. Before church I had a sunburst iced tea which is Green Tea and reg lipton tea mix soooo goooood.Went to church with my friend, mom and sister then got a haircut after that dropped my friend off and ate at Pita Pit (its like subway but you make your own pita instead of sandwich....). I had a yummy Chicken Breast Pita which I put pinapple, mushroom, shredded lettuce, chedder cheese, banana peppers with teriyaki sauce on.... If you go to Pita Pit eat that sooooo goood. Then when I got home I went on bike ride with my sis. Then I hung out with my friend!

When I was downtown I went in a pet store and there was the nicest cute bunny I've ever seen. It would actually come to the edge of it's cage and sniff your hand then let you pet it.... I wanted that bunny ahaha

Beauty is Pain <3

God Bless you!


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