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day 146



I think today is 126? I only have 7 pills left. My skin is looking good, the red marks have healed almost completely. I still get small zits, but they usually disappear after an hour or two. Haven't gotten a cyst since february.

This feels awesome. I really can't describe the way I've changed. My confidence is so much higher. If your thinking of taking accutane, go for it.

Everyone is different but here are some things I've learned. If your a guy, I wouldn't shave right before you have to go anywhere, your skin will be irritated and red for a while after you shave. I gently shave before bed and by the morning I'm fine.

I've tried everything for dry lips and come to the conclusion that the little chapsticks you can buy at cvs or whatever work the best. blistex made my lips peel a lot, and vaseline wasn't strong enough.

Don't pick or pop. I know thats cliched but when your on accutane all the old rules you thought you knew go out the window. early in my course I had some big break outs that would vanish overnight as long as I left them alone. Your breakouts on accutane are not just breaking out its like a giant cleanse.

I used cetaphil face wash for all skin types. Its so gentle and it works both to clean and kind of like a moisturizer too. I never really used a moisturizer on accutane.

Drink lots of water.

Avoid hot showers. Showers always made my skin look irritated.

Avoid the sun. my skin was really sensitive and both the sun and the wind made me really red faced.

SLEEP ON YOUR BACK. I can't stress this enough. I have become convinced that sleeping on either side of my face is a primary cause of my acne. Whenever I sleep on my face I break out. If your breaking out consistently on a side of your face this could be a reason why.

Towels made my skin worse too. I would just wash my face with cold water and then let it air dry. This really had an anti inflammatory affect on my skin.

Thats all I've learned. I may or may not make another post so I hope you guys can learn from my mistakes. All in all realise that there is an end to this acne pain were going through and things are going to get better for you.


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