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My routine



I'm one of those people who changes their routine around if i don't see immediate improvement. So last week i decided to actually stick to one and give it time to work, even if it gets worse before better.

My doctor has prescribed me Panoxyl 5% (which is pretty much just benzoyl peroxide) and i have just started using it. The first few days my face felt so sore and red and of course i had insane amounts of flaking and peeling on my face. My skin has always been veryyy dry so i had a feeling that this would happen. I nearly stopped it because i couldn't cover the flaking with makeup, and even oil and moisturizers didnt work. But i just reduced the amount and now i no longer have the redness, but i am still dealing with flaking skin but mainly last thing at night and when i wake up in the mornings.

I'm having a good day today and i can see an improvement in the pimples that kept appearing on my skin and just to the right of my nose, and my biggest issue now is getting rid of the red marks left from my Yasmin breakouts. I still get a few (although much less than a few weeks ago) tiny little white pustules, and i really cant figure out what they are. They itch a little but they go away as soon as they are popped. I wish i knew what was causing them, maybe irritation from having such dry skin? If anyone reads this and has/knows about this then please let me know because i'd like to find a way to stop them.

Mila xx


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