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The beggining




I am a 17 year old female with sever acne. I began to get pimples at just 9 years of age!! It was been a massive negative part of my life. I’m in year 12 currently and about to start my HSC in a few months. And my skin is the worse I’ve ever seen it. Maybe to do with the stress of the HSC but still it is really bad. I have tried everything, you name it.. And as some products do work temporarily (by no means has my skin EVER been clear) it always seems to get bad again. So after experiencing skin problems for around 9 years and having acne for around 6 years Ive decided to take accutane.

I could not stop crying one day about my skin, it was terrible I had about 35 (no exaggeration) of white head pimples form every day and if I picked them they would turn into large cystic acne. I sat down with my mum and she said basically “it’s time†you need to get something for this and put a stop to it. You could tell she had had accutane in the back of her mind for me for awhile.. but was just hoping and praying that one day I would wake up with clear skin.

So, I have a doctors appointment next week and he will give me a referral to a skin specialist. It will probably take awhile to get my accutnae tablets, as ive read you have to have blood tests etc. I am not too worried about the side affects yet, as I believe nothing could be as bad as acne for me.

I’ve researched accutane thoroughly the last few days and read several people’s accutane journals and I valued them very much. Therefore, I will be writing a journal for everyone to see how I go, the sideaffects I face and my skin condition (improving or not).

I will be writing to you very soon. I really do hope you can all gain imformation from my journey. Talk to you soon, jade x


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