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Day 15 - eek.



My left side of my face, which is usually the "good side" (before Accutane, even) is breaking out.

I have 3 new ones-- on the smaller side, sure-- but they are RED RED RED! I hate it when a zit is redder than your lips. It really makes me feel like i have christmas lights on my face.

I wonder if this is finally the start of an initial breakout? I was wondering where it was...

Side Effects:

-Last night I went out with friends... we were up late, we talked a lot, and I suppose when I talk a lot I lick my lips. By the time I got home my lips were destroyed and chapped.

-Dry scalp and ears

-Dry eyes! My contact fell out yesterday morning. Maybe it was about time I changed them though... :wall:


-New breakouts on left side.

-Annoying scab chin zit.

- Hairline zit scar still prominent


-Little breakouts on shoulders

- A few even on my back, which is rare.

- Really brown scars, not any lighter yet.

Feeling a little discouraged at the moment, but I know day 15 is still early. It could be a lot worse right now... but getting a cluster of new breakouts all at once always makes me annoyed.

I really want to go get my hair redone for the summer/my sister's upcoming wedding. My scalp is SO dry i'm afraid my hairdresser will be horrified. I'm sure they see some bad scalps though. And yes, I've been using dandruff shampoo every day. Soon I'm sure the embarrassment of my roots will outweigh the embarrassment of a dandruffy scalp. :think:

Also-- does anyone else plan out their hair appointments based on good skin days? I ALWAYS do this. If I notice I've having a better than usual day, that's when I go. I mean, you have to look in the mirror the entire time. And salon lighting can be horrendous. The place I go in DC is this ultra-hip place with a lot of nooks, so I feel like I have some privacy sometimes. I'm excited for my skin to get good again so I won't have to think like this-- sometimes it's hard to imagine that people who don't break out don't plan their lives around good/bad skin!


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