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My skin background



So i've never written about my acne before, i kind of go by 'if i ignore it, it'll go away'. Well i don't think that's working for me so I have decided to do something about it.

Just to explain my situation quickly- My skin started to break out when i turned 16 and my forehead turned into a warzone for a year until I got fed up and went to my doctor who prescribed a lotion called Zineryt solution. It worked nicely for a year but then i guess i became immune to it. My acne was mild when i asked my doctor to give me some antibiotics to keep my skin looking normal, and so she prescribed me oxytetracycline tablets. I don't think they did very much but they didn't make anything worse so i stuck it out for maybe 5 or so months.

That was all a while ago and i would give anything to get my skin back to how it was then (even though it didnt seem perfect at the time). About 7 weeks ago I went on the birth control pill Yasmin to see if i saw a better effect on my skin than the oxytetracycline was having. Towards the end of my first pack my face exploded with small itchy pustules all around my cheeks and jaw and even my neck (i have never broken out there before). So i stopped them straight away in hope that my skin would just go back to normal. All these weeks later and it still hasnt. I get large pimples on my chin and cheeks which turn to big scabs that i peel off and then become re-infected.

In my blog entries i'm hoping to keep track of the changes in my skin and try to find a method that will work for me so that i can have my life back. I could become a dermatologist with all the reading i've done about acne so hopefully i'll be able to work out a way to be comfortable in my own skin again.

Mila xx


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