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Day 113 -SOLUTION to Dryness



Are you on acutance and feel like a raison? – Dry…dry and drier…. :wall:

Well I have the miracle Product for you….It only cost $3.99 and it will last you for ever…It’s called VASALINE! LOL… ;) Yes folks it is the MIRACLE that has saved me in my acutance treatment.

I use it for:

1.When my lips are dry and chapped – I put on Vaseline

2.When my nose bleeds because is so dry – I use Vaseline – I literally put blobs of it up my nose

3.When I get razor bumps on my bikini line – (because I can’t wax) I use Vaseline and it gets rid of the irritation.

4.When my feet are cracking because there so DRY – I put Vaseline on and a pair of socks and vuala! Smooth feet happen!

5.When My Face is peeling – I moisturize my face with Vaseline…

6.When I get sunburn because I’m out hiking – I use Vaseline on my burn

7.When I can’t get makeup off – I use Vaseline – it’s gentle and won’t irritate my skin

8.When I need to shine my leather shoes – YES VASALINE makes them look awesome! LOL…. :lol:

Well I think you get my point….Vaseline is awesome! I carry it everywhere. I have travel sizes in my purse, in my car, in my kitchen….so on and so on….

And I have a HUGE one in my bathroom….

I read all the time how dry everyone is…..Please try the Vaseline and see the difference…

And no Vaseline did not pay me to write this…LOL…. :D

Good Luck and I hope this helps! :think:


Lmao. "Vaseline" miracle Product ROFL! You need to do a youtube video call the "2011 miracle Product" noone will know what that means untill the video starts and then you bring out that $3.99 Vaseline lol.And Yo ass Got MAD Vaseline too :- Did you buy all this Vaseline all at once? do you Clean with Vaseline too? LOL! funny one. someone is going to read this and go out and buy 50 dollars worth of Vaseline go home & Get Greased up "no homo" :doubt: lolyou should E-mail this to Vaseline Inc ASAP anyway. Hell Maybe they will throw some Green your way lol.this will for sure stop all the Dryness going around lol.

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OMG LMAO!!!! :- Richard!!! YOu just made me lought out laud in my office!!!! SO funny!!! Maybe I will do a Utube video! But it's the truth Vaseline is awesome!

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