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Earth Fair 2011



I never thought I would a) have the courage to actually log in to Acne.org, b) write something (!), and c) be sharing my success story. I have been plagued with acne for 12 years. I have tried virtually every treatment from Obagi Nu-Derm, Retin-A, Differin gel, IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments, various chemical peels, microdermabrasion, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, Dan's Regimin, Tazorac, anti-biotics, holistic detox programs, colon cleanses, and more. I honestly cannot even remember every single treatment I have ever tried because over a 12 year span and a natural drive to succeed (against acne), I have emotionally exhausted myself to the point, hundreds of times, to heart-wrenching tears. Since I am writing the Acne.org audience, I do not need to spend time explaining the emotional scars I have ingrained into my psyche and heart due to my continual failure from conquering this disease. However, that failure is no more because my life has (finally!) led me to the answer, for me.I attended the Earth Fair (2011) in San Diego as a lover of the earth, only looking for volunteer opportunities to help boost my graduate application. I was not on the search for acne cures. San Diego's Earth Fair proudly is the nation's largest with hundreds of eco-friendly booths and food stands. (If you ever get a chance to attend one, GO!) I remember walking and seeing someone serving samples of tea, and as a tea aficionado, I immediately gravitated to the Amazon Herb Company booth. Little did I know at that moment, that my life was about to change. I skimmed my eyes over the products in the tent, took a couple flyers, bought 2 packets of this tea, and then was on my way. One of my passions is holistic health, so I have a broad base of knowledge derived from my love of reading. I figured it was another company selling good, not ground-breaking (for my acne-ridden, fickle body, anyway) "green" products. I literally did not think twice as I shoved my tea into my backpack. Later that night, I realized that I was extremely stressed over several aspects of my life, and that I immediately needed to do (or take) something to mitigate this stress that, no doubt, was internalizing itself in my body. I said to myself that I would visit Whole Foods the following day to buy an herbal supplement for stress. I brewed myself a cup of Amazon Herb Company's Treasure Tea which I bought earlier that day.About 10 minutes after sipping on the tea, I suddenly felt calm and warm inside. I thought, What's going on here?! I was confused, and I realized that my tranquil mood had resulted from my tea because I had not eaten or drank anything else for awhile. I automatically researched the company and was astounded by what I read of Amazon Herb Company.Amazon Herb Company not only provides superior (I mean, the absolute best, highest potency, organic, pure) herbal supplements, serums, and facial products, but the harvest of the ingredients that constitute the listed promotes the economic health of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest. More-over, this precious rainforest region is sustained because its assets are safely harvested. Why plow something down when you can make money from it? So the Amazon Herb Company 1) makes products from the heart of the rainforest, 2) supports the indigenous people of the Amazon by creating jobs while saving their home, 3) saves the rainforest from the doom of being destroyed (which has much been the case thus far), and lastly, 4) creates business opportunities for people who want in on this fabulous company! So, I did.Why would I plunge into an at-home business? I was so impressed by what I read of Amazon Herb Company: its mission, its founder (John Easterling), and its business practices. Most importantly, I had tried the products! After I drank my cup of tea the night after I visited the Earth Fair, I immediately purchased a full order of Treasure Tea. I continued to do research on the products and proceeded to buy Zamu and Sangre de Drago, and eventually I became an associate to sell my own of this marvelous company's assets. (In subsequent blogs I will go into better detail on the products.)I have noticed a profound effect on my skin in the past week and two days from using the AHC's products than I have over a 3 month span of using Obagi Nu-Derm (with all its harmful bleaching agents, no less.) My face is definitely clearer, and my body has assumed a stronger healing ability. Therefore, the acne I've had is clearing up faster than it has ever in the past, and hyper-pigmentation is fading too. I am THRILLED! I always knew, from my knowledge of holistic health and the body's ability to heal itself, that natural means were inarguably the best for the body and for long-term effectiveness. In the past, however, the usage of detoxes, supplements, and "natural" or organic skin care lines never resulted in a marked difference. This blog marks the first week of Amazon Herb Company's astounding products entering my life. If you have any questions, ask please. If afterward you are interested in ordering some of these products, I would love for you to do so through - that way, I get credit for introducing you to the bounty of the rainforest.


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