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April 28



Good morning to ME!!

Well that zit on my chin came to a head and is now gone down. There is now a red mark, not too bad though. I just noticed 2 tiny zits along my jawline. I took a shower yesterday morning and my skin was oily all day. I was my face last night, applied the atralin and let it dry. I later put baby poweder on. This for me helps absorb the oil. So far my skin is not breaking out with the baby powder. Another things is that my breasts have be very sore (nipples) all week, including today.

This is the first time in 3 months that my breast are sore. I hope it's a sign that my cycle on its way to being somewhat regular.

I'm still curious as to why my skin is still oily. I really don't want to up my spiro dose to 200mgs. I also thought the spiro is suppose to reduce hair growth - which I haven't noticed either on legs or arms.


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