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Day 112- Increasing Workouts



I have been increasing my workouts everyday and so far the joint pain and muscle pain has been ok. I still feel really stiff on my right leg but it's not to bad....Last night I ran 4 miles and limped my way back home for about quarter of that...But it has still been an improvement. Before I could not get my joints to move at all, I couldn't even walk 2 miles without being in really bad pain. So I do see an improvement. :wall:

I have read other's blogs and people side effects seem to get worse the longer they are on accutane, but for me everything has been different. I'm still not dry, I haven't chapep, or flaked....I moisterize twice a day and still take HOT showers and everything seems to be ok.... My body has defently ajusted to being on the medication. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad....???

Hope all is well in acne WORLD! :think:


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