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Hi there,

So i have combined week 5 & 6 together!


Generally, its good news all round. I have had a few comments here and there from friends about how much my skin has cleared up. I noticed too but didnt wanna jinx the progress. But yes there is a definate difference.

In week 5 i still have huge white heads on my cheeks but the concentration and area of inflammation had significantly decreased! The right side of my face especially! In week 6 there was a cluster of large white heads on my left cheek and on my chin. These have been very stubborn and refused to dry up quickly! however i resisted the urge to squeeze!

Well i woke up this morning and they seem to have "evaporated"! yaay! well i know its early days yet, and i'll still get some break outs but its good to celebrate the little victories!!!


My lips are still dry but the combination of DCT during the day and Bepanthen at night has gotten thins under control and its not driving me nuts any more. Also, my lips seemed to have stopped going pink and pretty much look normal. So i have averted the red/pink tell-tale Oratane lips! :think:

I have been drinking 3-4 litres a day of water and i think this has helped hugely with the dry eyes. I hardly ever feel the dryness. but i still put i drops in every couple of days just as a preventative measure.

My skin is definately showing signs of dryness. when i hop out the shower and dry off, i am instantly ashy! but full body moisturising seems to help with that.

I have always been a keen fitness enthusiast but i am embarking on some new goals this year! Want to be a fitness model and also want to run a half marathon in July/August. So i have been training for a 10km on the 7th of may!!! woop woop! the Fitness Model Training starts on the 1st of May! So yeah! a lil nervous abt the oratane effects! but as far as i can see, my being active seems to have quelled the joint pain saga i felt in the first 2 weeks! so im gonna do this!!! i refuse to be held back by acne!!!


not quite sure how to manage this side effect though? i'm totally stumped! its the worst since winter is here too! i wake in the middle of the night freezing and soaked thru! :D dnt knw what to do!

Also, i am really struggling to get up in the morning! feel tired and lethargic sometimes and can't concentrate on my coursework!! i have a masters degree to get through!!! i can't afford to keep having these late mrnings!

Also been a bit emotional lately and rather prone to crying spells! don't know if that the oratane or just me. ( i am an emotional but 99% cheery being already)

Anyhoo! I am still keeping a weekly set off pics to monitor everything! :wall:

I must say though as my face clears i cant help but worry about the hyperpigmentation! its really bad. my not squezzing doesnt seem to have help! so even as the acne is clearing, its not revealing clear skin, but instead it read like a bad story of acne break out's past!!! especially the last severe one! my clear neck and jawline are no more!!!! that gets me down and makes it hard to be excited about the clearing!

Much love to you all! ;) mwa!


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