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Day 24???



Um today is either day 23 or 24 I haven't taken my pill yet but I decided to write a blog anyway.

My hands are so dry and I have this rash that seems to be spreading all over my arms. I tried putting unscented lotion on it to help but it's not working so I am going to ask my dermatologist what to do when I see him in about a week.

I broke out with 4 pimples on my left and 1 on my right...I'm supposed to be getting my period soon so I think that is contributing to that but it sucks!!! I am going to try and apply some ice packs and see if that will help with the redness and inflamation (although they arent very big)/

I have noticed that the breakouts I do get go away much faster than when I wasn't on Accutane. Before, I would have a pimple from a few days to a few weeks! Now they are gone within days.

I know some people say that their hair falls out while on Accutane but my hair is growing like a weed!!!!!! And not just on my head but everywhere! I have to shave my legs and arms now almost everyday cause the hair just won't stop! I am taking this supplement called "elements for hair" along with fish oil so I really do think it's because of that! So if you are experiencing any sort of hair loss I really suggest you try these out!!!!! :think:

I have been having some mood swings and I think they are totally just stress related cause of school and the new apartment and everything else....pms? LOL. But I don't want to rule accutane out in making it worst...hmm..

Thats all for now.


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