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Trial and Error's



"I am not a Doctor" but no one know's me better then me and threw the internet and allot of Trial and Error's this is my story.

Did this all start from all the acne commercials on TV? For me I think so. When I first saw Jessica Simpson on a Pro-Active commercial I thought "oh my god that is bad acne"? Well I guess I have bad acne too I need to get some Pro-Active! So I did and am I'm sure so many others have and still are. And well this is where my Journey began!

So I ordered my Pro-Active again and again and again and as my acne got worse and worse and worse I started switching to different products. I tried everything on the shelfs that i could find. I tried taking Dairy out of my diet then sugar then coffee but nothing was working. At this point my acne was not only getting worse but it was all I could think about. And before I knew it! Acne had overtaken my life :D . I must of had every excuse in the book as to why I could not leave my house. And I even had excuses so could stop buy. So the internet became my best friend "how sad".

When I found this sight I thought this is it! Acne.org is going to be my cure! I was so happy to find people who knew what I was going threw. They must have the answers. And before I knew it :wall: money was flowing out of my pockets quicker then I could make it again. Trying all these great ideas that must work.

Finally! I found something that worked for me ;) I started a log of my Trial and Error's and most important my acne outbreaks. I realized my acne would get really bad at one point in the month (hmmm really?!lol) After my outbreak's started out I would try all month to get it under control.

One week out of the whole month would be good then the whole process started over again. So I realized I have Hormonal acne (men have a cycle too! re-search it they have it worse there cycle is every 7 day's). This showed me my outbreak's where being caused from the inside. So I have to treat myself from the inside out. So back to the drawing board!

This is my routine! It is natural and works for me!

1st. 3% Hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball to cleanse my face in the morning and before bed 2nd. Take 1 organic flaxseed oil cap's 3x daily

3rd. Take 2 Burdock Root cap's 3x daily

4th. Drink LOTS! of H20

I must say when I look back at photo's of myself I just laugh and ask myself what acne? I prey this help's someone! We only live once and we should be able to do it with a smile on our face and a soul full of joy! My new Journey is getting rid of the scaring :think: I will keep you posted.


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