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IBS is better than horrible skin...



7 weeks after my accutane course and I'm sad (no, frustrated, pissed, panicked, etc.) to report that I can see my old skin returning. Over the weekend, I had my contacts out and got to checking my skin out in the mirror. If you've done this you know how dangerous it can be! Much to my horror, I noticed that I could see all of the pores on my nose again. I can also see that they are starting to...fill back up. I notice a little oil on my face at the end of the day {aside: 6 months ago, if I could have seen myself typing that sentence in the future I would have scoffed at the notion that I would be upset about "a little oil at the end of the day" but hey, you go through accutane, you expect damn good results!}

I still have yet to have a cyst or a "real" pimple, aside from the occassional clogged pore, so I'm not complaining yet. I'm simply noticing that every day my skin digresses back to it's oldself just a little bit more. It scares me to see where I will be in another few weeks.

My hair is continuing to thin at a rapid rate. Every time I run my hands through it, I pull out about 15 strands. Yes, I'm counting. I'm so horribly embarrassed that my maids came today and had to pull all of that hair off my bathroom floor. I hear it's only temporary and I hope hearsay rings true just this once.

Nonetheless, I'm plotting my next accutane course already. No derm in their right mind would put me back on accutane right now, so I think I'm going to lie and say I've never taken it? [Thank you delayed electronic medical records]. Then I'll get a scipt, take one pill every 3 or 4 days and hopefully maintain some semblance of clear skin. Is that psycho? Whatever. Horrible skin is worse than IBS.


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