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Calm b4 the storm !!




I am again un able to stay off this web site and stop thinking about Acne. Im very confused right now.

I havent had any Pustules for about 8 days now, this is unusaul for me, i seem to be getting white heads just as often (which are smaller and create much much smaller scars - almost bearable)

......As you know NON acne sufferers would freak out at finding 2 or 3 small white heads appearing on a daily basis but to me this is liveable compaired to the big pustules and papules. (please excuse me if i spell these words wrong)

I can only presume this is down to the Diannette ??? I am 29 now and took Dianettte for 5 years as a teenager untill my first onslought of Anti biotics and Roaccutane at age 20 so the Dianette didnt work for me then and i asumed it wouldnt work this time either.

I have a feeling though that this may be my skin reacting to the Diannette in a positive way that will not last long. I took a small dose of Accutane 6 months ago for 1 month only to see what would happen and it worked and i was spot free but sadly for one month only, if that had no proper effects could a simple Contraceptive Pill designed for Acne sufferes have a better effect ???

This has thrown me into turmoil .... Do i continue on the Dianette and see if this sorts me out and avoid another harsh hellish 4 months of Roaccutane ??

... or do i take the course knowing that fingers crossed this should really clear my system once and for all and i can keep taking the pill afterwards and have my Chemical Peels as planned.

I cant see this clear skin lasting on Dianette as a long term thing after 6 years of Acne in varying Degrees i cant believe this would fix me, Guess ill see what my Dermo says on the 6th of May

Bye for now xxx


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