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Day 10 - First package DOWN.



So, my "great" face skin is doing a little less great today-- but still, not awful.

I'm breaking out in really strange places... not my typical zones.

For instance, I have a large zit underneath my chin. Who gets prominent zits there? Definitely not what I would consider an "oily" area. Also, my neck. I'm getting a lot of new ones there...my neck was never that bad of a spot. A lot on the BACK of my neck, too. Like-- deep ones.

However, the areas on my face that are typically bad-- my cheeks and forehead-- they are still relatively okay. Some flesh colored spots on my forehead-- the really bad scar near my hairline. A red irritated zit on my right cheek.

In the grand scheme of things though-- it's ok. Hairline, back of neck, the shadows on my face (the underneath part of my chin)-- all of these places are great locations for breakouts. My hair can cover most of it. It's not a rudolph zit or a hawaii formation.

Side Effects:

-Itchy scalp. :wall:

-Dry ears

-Lips doing better

Really happy i'm done with my first pack-- hrm, this adventure has only just begun, hasn't it? I have a beach vacation scheduled for July. I REALLY hope my chest skin clears up-- the vacation is going to be with friends, and while they all KNOW i'm on this medication for my skin, it would still be nice to be just as confident as them in my bikini.

It's easy to go to work every day wearing shirts that cover most of my chest... my friends definitely don't see what I see. It'll get better, I know it will. The question is just how long it will take. I'd like it to be better for my sister's wedding next month, too. But also: wearing a dress vs wearing a bikini is a LOT different. :think:


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