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Acne.Org Treatment Review



Last week, I recieved the 16 oz. BP Treatment that Dan Kern developed.

I only bought this step simply because I can buy his other two steps (cleanser and moisturizer) in a much cheaper setting (I.E. Walmart, FTW). I had been using Proactiv's Treatment (Step 3) because I was using up what ever I had left of this system after canceling Proactiv.

I'm happy with my purchas so far.

1. The first thing I notice is the wonderful size of the tube. This is probably twice the size of Proactiv and a bit cheaper in the long run.

2. Next, I notice the smell. This stuff is really potent and tends to make my eyes water, but I suppose it's well worth it.

3. What really pops out is the viscosity (thickness). It's so much easier to apply opposed to the Proactiv cream. It's a gel so it's very easy to spread across my skin.

4. But since it is a gel, it does take a little longer to dry.

5. It works.

As said in previous entries, I have VERY stubborn, inconsistant acne and a lot of it. But since I've started this rendition of The Regimen, I've seen fantastic results. I really only have a couple here and there, opposed to the uncountable constellations that covered my skin. I'm left with red marks: hopefully hyperpigmentation and not scarring.

Thank you, Dan!


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