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Low Dose Accutane | Day 9 - Good skin day?!



I wish I could tell what's causing what.

It's the 9th day since beginning my third Accutane journey... and my skin looks healthy?

I'm talking the skin between the current zits. It's just so...smooth.

Is this due to the Accutane?

Is this due to stopping the Spironolactone?

Is this due to the lotion I'm using at night (CeraVe)?

Is this due to stopping the 10% benzoyl peroxide cream? (Maybe my skin hated it?)

Is this due to drinking more water because Accutane has been making me thirstier than usual?

Granted, my chest is still a work in progress. It's VERY spotty and unhealthy looking. But my face...today it seemed to glow. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Maybe it's just a good face day. My zits are very coverable. (Btw, I'm still using Everyday Minerals, ever since I discovered it during my Accutane round 2 in 2008.)

But man, today I'm excited to go outside and have natural light hit my face.

Where is my initial breakout that I know so well? I read that Spironolactone takes two weeks to leave your system completely... so is it just that I have two drugs fighting acne right now so I'm having a good face day?

Anyway, lets get on to the usual stuff:

Side Effects:

-Dry scalp, dry ears

-Lips chapped, but manageable

-Headache this morning but responded to pain medicine


-good skin day. smooth feeling, between the zits

-Open hairline zit no longer raw, and it's coverable with makeup. Very deep scar though.

-Concerning zit on right cheek, watching it... hoping it will go down.

-Two zits on forehead, very coverable


-Small breakouts all over... I hope this is my chest cleansing itself.

-Three very dark brown scars. Still putting neosporin on it every night.

Tomorrow I will finish my first pack. This will feel nice.


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