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Day 18



Well I plan on only updating this blog weekly, but since final exams start this upcoming week I know I won't have any time to post. So, update.

Day 18: Calm before the storm

This past week has been pretty rough.

My neck was unbearably itchy and irritated, I think due to either the cleanser, BP, moisturizer, or all three. When I first started the regimen, I would rub the excess moisturizer down my neck without considering how stupid that was. As a result, my neck became itchy and I scratched the hell out of it, which lead to more itchiness and irritation. :think:

My face was redder than a hot tamale (the candy kind) and not in a deliciously spicy way. On top of the flamed skin I had between 8-10 pimples at a time every day. Though they did come to head and clear out quickly (leaving behind glorious red marks, of course) new ones would replace them almost instantly in other areas. These weren't cute little whiteheads. They were massive, painful, and quite disgusting. Despite their enormity, I have kept the promise I made at the beginning of this regimen to not pop any pimples. That's right. I left those suckers alone and dealt with the pain and pressure of having the world see my flawed face.

I know people say you can use a sterilized needle to pop a pimple and it actually helps the healing process, but I found that I just could not do that sufficiently. If I used a needle on a pimple that was begging to be popped, I would end up using it on another pimple that wasn't quite ready as well. Plus, I'm sure I applied too much pressure and just angered my acne even more every time I did this.

So, I left the pimples alone. Surprisingly, and to my delight, every one of them dried out within a day (keep in mind I still have ugly red spots where they were) and I can tell this is a process I must continue. There are no scabs like there would be if I popped them, sterilized needle or not, and the ugly red marks don't seem to be as inflamed.

I seriously recommend not popping pimples because I can already see how beneficial this is to my skin. I know, I know. Leaving that pimple to ooze out on it's own is disgusting and terribly damaging to self-esteem. I have never felt this ugly in my entire life, especially with no makeup. I now have horrible body language because I don't want to look people directly in the eye, I must seem terribly rude and disinterested to anyone I talk to. I've skipped several events this past week after glancing at my face in a mirror just to avoid others. Events that I was really looking forward to, that I will regret missing. But, and this is a big but, I tell myself almost every second of the day that I'm doing this for my skin. I look bad right now and yeah, it sucks. Majorly. But my skin is better off this way. I have a goal and I'm determined.

Let's talk about some positives now.

  • My skin is not nearly as dry as it was a week ago. I'll attribute that to the jojoba oil. As I said in my previous post, I apply it after I cleanse my face and before BP in the evening. Do NOT do this in the morning if you plan on going anywhere or interacting with anyone. You will look like someone slapped you in the face with a grease monkey. (Note: Grease monkey just popped up in my head, I didn't know what one was. After googling it, I found that it can actually mean several different things. My intention for this post though was a monkey covered in excessive amounts of grease. Thus, when you are hit in the face with one, you too look extraordinarily greasy.)
  • My face does not look as sun burned after applying BP. Goodbye hot tamale complexion! For now at least...
  • I woke up this morning to find no new papules, at least none that I can see. I think I actually smiled when I saw my reflection, red marks and all. :wall:
  • The skin on my neck is no longer irritated. I tried aloe vera to soothe it at first, but after getting zero results with that I turned to my Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for all skin types. I love Cetaphil but it's just too "greasy" for my face, even the kind that says it's specifically FOR the face. However, applying this liberally to my neck took care of the itchiness. I now apply it after I shower and cleanse, but before BP (in order to eliminate any possibility of inadvertently getting BP on my neck again like a dumbass)

Yes, so far it does seem as if the regimen is working. I'm feeling very positive at the moment. However, with finals looming on the horizon as well as that special time of the month we ladies have the privilege of experiencing, I know my face will probably take a turn for the worst. I'm enjoying the progress I've made so far, but definitely ready for the acne assault I'm sure to face in the future.

Wow, I must seem incredibly long-winded. There's so much I want to say and I haven't even covered half of it yet. I think I will cut this one short and start studying for those exams.

Thanks for reading my procrastination blog,



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