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Day 12 and 13!



Oh goodness. My allergies have been acting up, and my plan to log an entry at night has backfired since I've been quite drowsy.

Nontheless, yesterday, Day 12, went well. I drank two cups of green tea in the morning, and felt good throughout the day. Again, allergies kicked in at night, so didn't sleep too well. My skin has pretty much been the same. I have actually been thinking about my scars more--but not as much as I used to when I was in my early 20s. They used to be constantly at the forefront of mind--when I get money I'm gonna do this treatment, I'm gonna get that one. Now that I am earning a living, other things have taken precedence.

Day 13--Have had one cup of green tea, feeling okay, despite having congestion. Skin looking the same and feels greasier after I moisturize, but I think that is more about the weather. I have to say at the middway mark for my experiment, I am impressed with (at least my cognitive) abilities to remain alert and focused for the most part. lol I really do consider myself addicted to coffee--no so much in volume, but in routine--everyday I had to have at least one cup or I swear I would develop a headache or get grouchy. :think:

I just posted a couple of pics from Day 1, but they are pending approval. Unfortunately, I'm using a camera phone, so not so great, but still you can see acne/scars. They are located at "MG2011 blog-related album" under the diet/holistic gallery.


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