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Pack number 5!



Well well, It's been a good month since I've posted last, but when there's not much new happeneing, you know... I can't have like twenty posts going "still good!", lol. Aw well, so anyways, yeah, completely clear, I havn't had a zit in who knows how long, and very rarely when I do, it's just alittle one that disapperars before the day is even out. If it stays like this even after I go off Accutane, !!!. That would be awesome, if it dosen't, I'm gonna try another round, my body is holding up well to it, blood tests always come back good, and don't really feel to many side effects. I'd proably have to wait 6 months or something in between, but I ain't going back to get pimples all the time anymore.

It's starting to get really nice here, I wear sunscreen on my face everyday (the Cetaphil 50spf one, which is really good, totally reccommend), but I'm probably gonna have to start putting it everywhere else too. I bought some stuff from Banana Boat, also 50spf, which should be good. I really don't want to turn into leather face/body. lol.

Totally excited for summer! :think::D;):wall:


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