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Acne Free for a Month



Omg, I have a cure for me after years of suffering from acne. Can't believe that in my case and probably many others acne is really just a vitamin deficiency. I am not a health professional but I was on minocycline for 4 years (200) mg and tetracycline prior to that. I have been taken off the minocycline as the minocycline has given me a fatty liver which I have to be retested in a couple of months. Also, my teeth are gray and I developed dark circles under my eyes from the minocycline. My doctor blamed alcohol ingestion for the fatty liver which he said last year at my physical could be the only way my liver was fatty. (I don’t drink) This year at my physical, the fatty liver increased again and asked what changed 4 years ago. Approx. 4 years ago, I began minocycline. This years’ physical, my doctor got into my face and said it was either I was drinking or a possible medication doing this to my liver. This is the ONLY medication I was taking and the only change in from four years ago. Together my family doctor and derm decided to not prescribe any more mino until my liver cleared up. Although my derm would not prescribe any more mino her response was that she didn't know the fatty liver side effect and got defensive when I blamed the minocycline for my dark circles and graying teeth. I was at a total loss and desperation set in with a vengeance. I started researching minocycline and found that all the side effects above can happen taking minocycline and claim they are rare side effects omg, it is all over the internet all of the side effects. If only I had known although I was also desperate to have clear skin. The mino, even at 200 mg per day still did not prevent hormonal outbreaks once a month. Desperation set in again to find another way. After a month being free of minocycline, I think I have found a cure for me. I have NEVER been without mino or tetra for many years because when I did try to take a break it would be maybe 2 days and I would feel the big underskin red nodules coming back again. There has to be a way. I have found a way for me: Research says Vitamin A 10000 IU and Vitamin B6 both help with acne as it helps to prevent clogs. When I stopped mino, 2 days later a pimple started showing. OMG, started taking Vitamin A (capsule) and B6 (In a liquid B Complex form) and it cleared that pimple up in 5 days. The pimple didn’t really get that bad, but, there was still a hint of a problem as although that one cleared itself up I did get another little one beginning to show but not the painful huge red nodule ones I’m used to getting. That’s when I read about Vitamin D3 and the link to acne, and VOILA, cleared totally up. NO NEW breakouts. Although it has not been that long, it has been a month of freedom from prescription medication and my skin looks beautiful and clear. I would strongly suggest going the vitamin/mineral route as I have never been this excited about finally being pill free. I have no acne, my dark circles under my eyes cleared up in approx one week and well the fatty liver, I will have to continue to wait until I can be retested. My gray teeth, I’m hoping can be fixed by whitening when my braces come off. (Although through research I may have the gray teeth starting at the root which may be harder to remove the mino stain) Don’t know what will happen on that note but again through research a cosmetic dentist is the way to go for minocycline teeth. On average, I may have a drink once a year and I vigorously exercise 3 times a week. What I’m trying to say is, for me, the minocycline has had bad side effects and I would begin researching an alternative. I have never felt better; I can touch my chin; my dark circles under my eyes are totally gone; I can run even faster; I have more energy; I feel just great. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Here is what I’m doing: (Vitamin A 10000IU) (Liquid Vitamin B Complex (25mg of all the B’s)) (Liquid Calcium1200 mg/Magnesium 600 mg/VitaminD 200IU) (Liquid Omega 3) and Liquid Vitamin D3 2000 IU) The above is what I am doing and I feel and look 15 years younger already and I feel excited for LIFE. The above has been a lot of research for me and I hope that it will help someone else and maybe, just maybe, then, for someone else to make an informed decision for what will work for them. I am not a doctor and I am not in the medical profession whatsoever.


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