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Woke up to... nothing??



I think that should be a relief actually. I woke up to just about nothing after applying the differin. This medicine is supposed to take a while before kicking in so I'm not disappointed in the least. I do feel a slight drying sensation which could easily solved with... uh oh can't use moisturizer. I guess I'll have to find a creative way to put on my make up.

2 small little white heads emerged. And I saw emerged because they were already issues to begin with but they finally uh "surfaced" if you will. (yuck bad wording) so I got rid of those in an instant. Hopefully they don't leave a big impression on my face before school. I already got a big black mark on my lip. ( Don't ask lets just say I can't kiss people until its gone. On the bright side my cover story is "I was making ramen noodles and stirring them with a fork and when I put the fork to my lips I kinda got burned" believable no? Please say yes.)

So I'm kinda screwed..... eh I'll find a way. At least I don't look all red and itchy but that's probably due to the fact that I put little to none of the new medicine on my face. Guess Ill keep doing that for a while then ramp it up. But haha no way am I doing that now.

Hope your doing good random reader. I know I'm not. :think:

Best of luck :wall:



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