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Day I lost count



Hello! Thanks for clicking.

As you may know I haven't been posting at all. Okay so you probably don't know nor do you care but eh what can you do. :think: Any who just a little bio: 14 year old girl, light-moderate acne (heck I don't know) And finally after a load of lies that consisted of "Ill be here constantly blogging in the next few days." I'm back. A month later. Or was it 2?

So how are things Ella? Why thanks for asking. Awful. Well I suppose it could be worse. I have been restricted, denied, tormented, suppressed ( sounds like im in jail...) and have been forbidden to wear moisturizer. My main question after crying my eyes out a speaking like a 7 year old while hiding in my bed ( No swear to God I actually did that- I have a bit, just a BIT of an anxiety issue) was " huh doesn't that kinda of contradict itself?" He ( my derma ) claims my pores are clogged because of all the moisturizer I have been using but my main issue is the medicine he just put me on. ( Adaplene/ differin which I could have sworn another doctor who this time wasn't a dermatologist gave me. He succeeded in scaring the life out of me when he stuck his hand down my shirt and asked if I had breakouts there. If you want to stick your hand down a young woman's shirt well I guess this time word's are a lot better then action)

I was very worried considering the fact this medicine which I was on previously had caused my face to redden and itch and make me look like I got in a fight with Freddy Crougar or however you spell his name. Wow I sure hope that wasn't bad luck...... any who moisturizer helps with that peeling situation does it not? It evening says that if redness or peeling occurs use lotion. Well brilliant. The one thing that makes the redness stop is the one thing I can't use. Only to me would such a tragedy occur. Now of course I could be in the tsunami or been born in a third world country which would be ten times worse ( hope every one is alright :D )

So now Im stuck with a whole "no makeup no moisturizer your gonna just have to wear hot clothes and hope no one notices your face" problem. And what had to happen on top of this was that after nearly 15 years of never falling in love ( hmmm wonder why surely not my face...my fat knees perhaps?) I had to develop a crush now. -.- Sucha girly thing to freak out about. Hopefully my friends won't care but I know I definitely will. I guess its time for me to break out my main weapon: Sarcasm. Comedy. My main defense. My best defense that is my best offense? Point is I like to make people laugh and I find they don't mind as much. But at the end of the day I'll still be in my bed crying like the huggable ugly 7 year old at heart that I am. Hopefully you have much more self confidence than me. Which I bet you do. I mean who ever has the guts to read all of this random stuff surely is cool in my book no matter how you look. I wish you all the best. :wall:

Ella ;)


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