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Day 8



The ones near my lip have errupted and are actually painful today and look horrible but the one on my left cheek seems to be slowly dying. There hasnt been any positive effect since starting so far really. My back acne seems to have slightly improved thiugh tha improvement would have been more than welcome on my face.

Im going to start taking lymecycline on an empty stomach as i have a feeling the dairy in my orotein shakes is affecting it in the morning. So ill have breakfast and wait 2 hours before takinmy tablet

Current routine:


Wash with water

Panoxyl 10% cream on spots

Nivea for men moisturiser


Lymecycline tablet

At night:

Wash in shower with hot water

Panoxyl 10% scrub on face and back.

Wash off with warm water

Splash back and face with cold water, towel dry

Wait ten minues

Panoxyl 10% cream on spots

Nivea for men moisturiser


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