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Day 24.. 9-1-1 chapped lips!



AHHHH it's been 4 days but not until today there hasn't been any major changes! (Luckily! :think: )

Acne: No active acne that I could see. On my ear I could feel a pimple. It hurts but it won't pop... I popped it once already and it hurts a little less but I know there's gross stuff in it still :/ If it didn't hurt I wouldn't touch it! On my right cheek there's pretty flat bumps that might become pimples. The blackheads on my chin are more like a blackhead that is not deep... <--- did that make sense? They don't look like pimples and I can't see them unless I smile obnoxiously so I guess that's good haha. I had a balckhead that turned in a pimple but it's almost gone now. Regular blackheads still on my nose!

Skin: Have 1 dry patch on both my cheeks! Once I got the dry spot the small un-active pimples went away in that spot. I can no longer wear foundation which sucks because I have some red spots and my skin is red. Oh by the way my skin iss red.... :wall: looks sunburned but it might just be red because of the drying

Lips: Super oober duper dry 9 out of 10 dry manybe 10 but I have a feeling they'll get worse :/ grrr. My lips are deep pink which doesn't bother me too much but they just burn/hurt, especially when I wake up. I always always always wear lip balm, chapstick or vaseline on my lips... a favor my cocoa vaseline.

Other Side Effects:

~Back pain isn't as noticiable

~skin on the top of my hand gets scratches easily..., I put my hand on concrete while I was about to sit down and I moved my hand without lifting it off the concrete and I got a scratch between my knuckels I was thinking wtf that was weird.

~Dry spots on my upper left and right arm

~1 random dry spot that is about a inch wide/long

~I had a nose bleed 2 days ago.. I always wake up right before it happens or right after I feel like I'm drowning then I plug my nose and run for my life to the bathroom!

Beauty is Pain! <3


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