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Tiny Bumps

Ariana Boire


So, Acneblog.org, since everyone else hates hearing me complain, you will hear me complain. :think: I have these tiny.. goose bump like bumps all over my face. (When i mean all over, I mean there is not a spot that they are not.) And I've had them for about.. 2 years now? They started shortly after I moved from the mainland to Vancouver Island. Now, I've battled with them. I've tried Clean n' Clean, Clearasil, Deep Clean, Aveeno, Biore, ProActive, etc etc etc, and nothing seems to be working. I recently started using Avene Thermal (some new french product recently introduced to canada) and it has reduced the bumps's size by a fair amount, but when I stretch the skin, they are still there. Reduced in size of course, but still there nonetheless. Now, these started a year after I hit puberty, so I was wondering if this could possibly be Hormonal Acne? They arn't red or anything, Like I do get the few red zits here and there, but these particular bumps are just.. the same color as my skin. I've been using Diacneal cream at night on my face for them, and like I said it has reduced the size of them, and its been 2 months, and I have noticed improvement, but they are not gone. Could this be hormonal Acne? Comedonal Acne? How long roughly would you say these will take to be completely gone? (I hear normal acne takes around 4-6 months to be completely healed) To the naked eye, you can't see them. My skin just looks kind of uneven, like .. bumpy or rough almost. I'm trying my best not to emotionally break down about this, as my motto is now: "The less I can see my face, the better I feel." and my family and boyfriend is starting to worry about my confidence levels. I used to wear my hair up, and stuff, now I never do because I feel like I could actually hide behind my hair. (which I know doesn't actually work because hair doesn't cover my whole face.) So I was wondering what you guys think. Have any of you dealt with this kind of nonscnece acne? Is it hormonal? Should I go on Birth Control? I turn 18 this year, so perhaps it will get better slowly after? My family doesn't have a history of acne. My mom and grandparents grew up acne free. Should I start taking vitamins that help the skin like Zinc and Vit C?

PS: Everyone says these bumps are hardly noticeable, but that doesn't change the fact that they are still effing there. I want them GONE!

My Regimen:


-Avene Thermal Cleanance Soap-free Cleanser

+ With cold cold icy water!

-Avene Thermal Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion

-Organic Makeup from Lush Cosmetics ($13.00 for a tiny pot of it! HOLY %#*)

That's all i do in the morning!


-Avene Thermal Cleanance Soap-free Cleanser

+ With cold cold icy water!

-Avene Thermal Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion

-Avene Thermal Diacneal Skincare Lotion for blemish prone skin. Smooths Skins Surface

+Contains 0.1% Retinaldehyde C.T , Glycolic Acid 6%

I believe all the products contains some form of Glycerin, and Retinoids?

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i have these bumps too, they are hard to be disappeared. but Moisturizing does help!!! I am currently using 1 product from germany and some of my bumps slowly gone. It works. however, it is bought from HK actually. I am not sure if Canada has this product. 

stay strong girl!!
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