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Low Dose Accutane | Day 6



Things to note today:

1. Upon leaving my apartment this morning, I ran into a neighbor in my hallway. (We've never talked, he cannot speak much English, and he's at least 30 years older than me.) I see him often when we're both heading to work-- but we never speak. But when we were in the elevator, he struggled to communicate, and what he said was, "Today. You look. Very. Beautiful." Well look at that! I felt great about my skin for the rest of the day. I felt like I did have a "glow" this morning-- it might just be all the lotion I'm putting on! :think:

2. I drank half a beer after work. Now, you're not supposed to drink on Accutane, and I know this. I'm not a huge drinker, so it was never hard before-- and when asking my doctor about it, she told me I was on such a low dose that it shouldn't really matter and to "not overdo it." Well, I drank half a miller light at an after work happy hour-- and my stomach felt weird. Not sure if it's the placebo effect happening-- but it makes me nervous. Tomorrow I'm going out on a double date situation for happy hour, so I'm going to keep it under two beers. Maybe I'll just try to have one. Typically this isn't a problem, maybe once a week I find myself in a social situation with alcohol, and I definitely don't drink all the time, and if I do, not a lot. I'm a tiny girl, so it doesn't take much! Just thought I'd point out that I felt weird today, and that I'm not looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.

3. Today when I got home, I had to put Aquaphor on my lips!! I think the chapped lips are here.

Side Effects:

-Chapped Lips

-Really dry ears (I know, weird.)

-Dry scalp

-Headache this morning, but responded to pain medicine


-It's funny, when you record acne, you start realizing HOW long you've been dealing with an annoying zit. So that open one near my hairline? STILL manages to open up when I wash my face. Granted, the area is getting smaller every day, but it still opens up! Thank GOODNESS it's in my hairline.

-a few zits on the forehead, the red ones from yesterday are getting flatter

-my left cheek is doing surprisingly well

-small breakouts all over, in general. But flesh toned.


-Still small breakouts... might be getting worse?

Overall, my skin tone is really improving due to the CeraVe lotion. It's amazing when I'm not putting benzoyl peroxide on my skin every night how healthy it can look in between the spots with zits!


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