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Day 7



So tomorrow it will be a full week. Thinking about this is kind of a downer for me as now that i look my face hasnt got any better yet ;):think::wall: school restarts on tuesday so i hope to have had SOME kind of improvement by then. I think the sun may have damaged my skin but i avoided it today and stayed in the shade.

Got a new whitehead today on my top lip which hurts. Lots of small ones forming around my chin but nothing too big there. The two big ones on my left side are still there, just jamming and refusin to reduce in size.

So lymecline isnt going particularly amazingly so far. I have got 28 tablets to pick up from the pharmacy when possile and they are out of stock of 300ml benz peroxide 10% but i bought my own online.

On day 2 i dropped one of my tablets onto the dirty floor so had to throw that one away. So im one day short but if i book the doctor one day earlier that should be fine. Need to have a liver function blood test 5 weeks from monday so need to book that too.

Sooo not too much good today at all apart from the fact that one in between my eyebrows is gone. Theres always tomorrow though.


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