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My story.



I have had acne for 4 years and just went to the dermatologist for the first time. I know that sounds stupid but my insurance didn't cover it and acne is genetic in my family so my mom knew what she was doing. I tried every product my pediatrician and mother told me to and the dermatologist would've recommended the same things.

My acne is moderate. It's worse then most teens because it's on my face, back and chest but it has never been cystic. My acne causes me to be extremely insecure and cautious of myself which is hard to do for any teenager since we go through enough problems as it is.

Finally I am going to my last resort which is Accutane. My pediatrician told me several times my acne isn't bad enough, but the dermatologist completely disagreed. I'm disappointed I didn't start Accutane 2 years ago when my face got worse but I'll just have to deal.

I know I'm lucky because my acne isn't as awful as so many others, but it still harshly affects me. It's ruining my high school life and I want it to change before it continues to ruin my life when I graduate.

I am anxious to start Accutane....but also dreading it. I am going back to the dermatologist in the beginning of June to get prescribed and I'm going to be on it in the summer. I'm nervous for the side effects to ruin my summer and make me not even want to go outside. Since my acne isn't as bad as most of the people who go on Accutane, I'm hoping it will clear faster than the 6 month cycle and maybe even be gone by the time I go back to school. I highly doubt it, but I'm praying.

I've tried Proactiv, several Benzoyl Peroxide products, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogena, oil-free make-up, prescription products, Doxycycline pills, everything you can possibly try.

Please leave any comments, recommendations, advice etc!


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