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Day 105 - Is this a new side effect? HELP!



For the past 4 days I have had the worst stomach pains ever....I have been ignoring it and just not eating like I normally do but today was extremely bad....I'm wondering if this is a new side effect ???

Does anyone have any kinds of stomach issues on Accutane??

It feels like my stomach can't hold any food..example: I drink water and then take a bite of pizza and I feel like I'm totally FULL...then I get a BAD Burning sensation in my stomach all the way up my mouth...I don't want to call my derm and ask just in case this is a seperate issue...

ANY FEEDBACK would be Greatly appricated

Nose bleeds are also pretty bad....good news is joint pain is at minimun....

My hair is also looking really brittle....REALLY DRY and it has been falling out more then normal...

HELP PLEASE! Especially with my hair....


I've had the same thing for like a month.. and i cant eat any breakfasts cause i always feel so sick in the morning.

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I can't help with stomach problems, but maybe try taking prenatal vitamins for your hair? They're supposed to be good for your hair/skin/nails.

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