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WTF Nothing makes any sense



After bad breakouts lats week which lasted for a week or so for which i have no idea of the trigger i lost my motivation for sticking to my diet and binged again a few days ago. I've been waiting for the resulting outbreak for a few days now. But nothing. WTF.

On tuesday, 19th april, 2011 my diet was:

2 spoonfulls barley malt vinegar, 1/2 tspn vitamin c, spoonfull of ubber rank chlorella.

Large bowl of cornflakes witrh full fat milk.

Large piece of chocolate cake - made with wheat flour ie packed full of fructans and sugar.

Two Mr Kippling's mince pies with a sell by date of Jan 2011, ie gone off, made with exceedingly bad ingredients, packed full of fructose and everything under the sun.

Kit-Kat Chunky chocolate bar - well known nutritional supplement.

2 scoops whey protein powder with milk and spoonful of glucose.

Piece of buttered French bread - supper high GI no doubt.

Steak and cheese and egg wrap made with a wheat flour tortilla which was all round processed crap.

Wednesday 20th April, 2011, diet:

2 spoonfulls barley malt vinegar, 1/2 tspn vitamin c, spoonfull of chlorella.

Large bowl of cornflakes.

Large piece opf choclolate cake.

Hot cross bun with butter - made with wheat flour, full of shit basically.

Piece of French bread with butter made with white wheat flour.

Egg fried rice - rice made with processed nasty chicken stock granules and marmite. Huge serving. inc:

4 eggs -

8 pieces bacon

Basically a cacophony of nutrional hell!

= super clear skin - all active spots dead and fading.

GI symptons have been good too - virtually no heartburn or bloating - some farting but not sure how significant that is.

Only thing of note is bowl movement yesterday morning was fairly liquid, not quite diarrha though. Also i've been finishing off some bowl cleansing tablkets which are only 3 years past their sell by date. Impossible to make conclusions therefore.

Seriously WTF

Can i really be sensitive to fructose and/or fructans?!?!?!

Things are far more complicated than i ever seem to admit to myself.

There are no easy answers to this puzzle.


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