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Day 104 - Still CLEAR!



My face continues to be CLEAR! :D

I love reading back to all my old blogs and reading my fustration and seeing how far away those feelings are now.... :wall:

I'm still amazed in the difference I see in my skin....I can't wait till my treatment is over and I can get lazer treatments to remove my scars....That will be my final and closing chapter with my acne.... :think:

Side effects are still under control...I am still sore from my hike but it is better then yesturday....I am having really BAD nose bleeds every morning and usually at night. I have been putting blobs of vasaline in my nose and it does make my nose feel better.

I have to say vasaline has been a life saver for me in my treatment. I use it for my nose, my lips, my face, and I even use it to shine my leather shoes...LOL :lol:

It's so versatile... ;)


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