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Haven't updated this in aaaaages!

So. I have been taking roaccutane for 8 months minus 10 days now.

Almost there!

30 mg/day

I didn't see any improvements during the first 4 months, but after that, I got lots and lots better.

Right now, I don't have any acne whatsoever. So so happy!

In March, I ran out of roaccutane and had to wait for 2 weeks until I could take it again.

My lips and hair got so much better during those 2 weeks, so Im positive that they will go back to normal after my treatment.

(well, I do hope my hair will be less greasy then it used to be, but my dermatologist did say that would be the case, so it's all good)

Right now though, my lips are soooo dry. but they dont look too bad, so I'll live :think:

My hands, arms and legs are quite dry as well, but a good moisturizer does the job.

My back pain has returned, but I only feel it when I'm doing like handstands and stuff like that, so I guess it's my own fault. ;)

However, one of my friends, who used to have looooads of acne, more than me, has a perfectly clear skin now too, and she didn't take anything! It just disappeared.. Makes me wonder if I actually needed roaccutane. maybe my acne would have disappeared by itself too... Then again, maybe not, so I'm not complaining :wall:

So happy to be rid of it!

Will try to update this a couple of weeks after I stop taking it, to let you know whether all side effects have disappeared.



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