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Day 5



So used the 10% peroxide on my face and it went really red at the start but subsided after 20 mins or so of letting the moisturiser cool it down. A smaller reaction haopened when i put it on today. Took my 5th lymecycline pill today. :doubt: i hate pills i had never taken one before lymecycline as i was unable to swallow them so at least i have learned that.

I can fell a spot coming under the left side of my nose. Right side of face has no major ones justsmall ones everywhere. Quite a few small ones on chin today. Leftof mouth is beginning to heal up. 2 middle left of face red marks/spots have appeared and general small ones evrrywhere too. Masturbated again today :( which is terrible. It will be the last time for a month i pledge! It really makes my skin bad.

See ya tomorrow


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